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Together Forward, Together Smarter

Introducing a series of new Software Products to market. 

Strategy, Identity, Spatial Design 

We came up with a bold plan when we were challenged to introduce Smart Tech Solutions to the target group of decision-makers. A campaign that contributed to KPMG's innovative character, without compromising on reliability. We organized some serious talks about leadership in the digital age between Millennials and their boss. 

Millennials are usually a lot more tech-savvy than their older peers (the boss). This requests a special kind of leadership, as it requires to trust and let go to drive innovation. To reach the target group with this campaign, we made their (babyboomer) experience as important as the tech-savvy creativity of the millennial. And we put the collaboration at the centre of attention. For KPMG believes that for innovation - creativity and experience are both necessary. 

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