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Campaign 4 change

Rayban and VICE teamed up to locally activate the campaign 4 change to increase the brand awareness
and deepen the relationship with the millennial audience with RayBan

Event - Video production - Social - Media campaign - PR - POS 

We chose a 360 approach and teamed up with Noisey, the VICE music channel. Rayban sponsored the wide known digitally owned contact format NOISEY meets.. which resulted in two videos which featured artists who made a change in their own musical genre - featuring The Miseries and Ebo Kraan. 

The videos premiered during the exclusive Noisey meets.. an event that we organized in collaboration with Rayban. The event was pushed online creating high demand for this exclusive party. This translated into a micro page where all the content lived and all media was directed.  We leveraged our VICE digital network and generated eyeballs on all campaign-related content. 

Results & reach
Through great sponsored content, a fully booked sponsored event and activation campaign we generated over a million campaign contacts.  Successfully activating and connecting Millenials to Rayban and changing the world for the better. 

1m Campaign contacts                      65k Reach                      75k Video Views

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atmosphere – Ray Ban Campaign4Change